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Opportunities in Speak Buzz Interactive

Work at Home with Unlimited Opportunities

JOHN : This is John's Affiliate Group
JHON Reffered ( MARRY, ROGER, JACK & ANNY ). They are JOHN's Direct Affiliate Team Members
MARRY Reffered 2 Members ( NICK & JANE ). They are MARRY's Direct Affiliate Team Members
ROGER Reffered 2 Members ( PEONY & MARIO ). They are ROGER's Direct Affiliate Team Members
JACK Reffered 2 Members ( ANNA & CAGE ). They are JACK's Direct Affiliate Team Members
ANNY Reffered 2 Members ( ROCK & ROMIO ). They are ANNY's Direct Affiliate Team Members
As MARRY, ROGER, JACK & ANNY Reffered these 8 New Members, JOHN will get Proxy Affiliate Commission from all of them.
These 8 Members Reffered more 16 Members ( ZUS, JON, BEN, HEX, HASS, KEN, JAM, TOM, GEN, LEO, HEN, NEO, TEC, JEO, KIM & SAM ).
They all will get Direct Affiliate Commission
As you See JOHN is in their upper 3rd level he will get Engagement Affiliate Commission from all 16 Members.

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