Speak Buzz is an unique Home based ultimate income opportunity for those who wants to set their own time, live freely and with family, make their own decisions and be their own boss.


Affiliate Members are the True Gainer.

Work at Home with Unlimited Opportunities

  1. Affiliate Marketing : Every member can apply for affiliate marketing.
  2. As soon as we receive your request, we will investigate your given information and approve your application.
  3. After approval you will receive an email containg detail instruction on how to work with us as our affiliate member.
  4. Referral commission : Affiliates can earn 20% for new account activation and upto 6% from each package sale.
  5. Proxy Affiliate Commission : Affiliates can earn 10% for new account activation and upto 3% from each package sale by promoting his/her direct referred members.
  6. Engagement Commission : Affiliates can earn 5% for new account activation and upto 2% from each package sale for building his/her own group.

  7. Speak Buzz Interactive

Speak Buzz Interactive

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